Gain consistent donors

We know donors can be hard to find, and even harder to keep. Charity Booster is your customised app to make it quick and easy for donors to sign up, make contributions, and learn more about your organisation.

Key features

Keep your donors engaged and your contributions high, with our wide range of features.

Flexible donating

Donors can choose how and when they donate through the app, with our three flexible donation options outlined below.

Per-spend donating

Donors can choose to donate based on behaviour, e.g. they may opt to donate $5 every time they fill up with petrol, or $2 every time they eat out.

Insightful reporting

Users can easily download reports on their spending for tax purposes. Organisations can easily access analytics on user information and contribution patterns.

Quick sign up

The sign up process takes 2 minutes on average, meaning it's quick and easy to get your donors involved.

Fully customisable

Through the console, you can self manage your app. We provide dedicated support if required, but our easy to use app means you're in charge of all the content and design.

Campaign updates

Through the campaign and project pages, you can easily post updates on the impact your donors are making. When you post new content, each donor receives a notification on their smart phone.

Flexible donating made easy.

Donors can choose what they would like to donate, how they would like to donate and when through the below three options, integrated into your app.


Donors can make a one-off donation through the app by entering the amount and their payment details.


Donors can set regular monthly donations through the app by entering the amount and their payment details.


Donors can contribute an amount based on their spending patterns, or regularly donate by rounding up their payments and donating the difference.

Provide donors with flexible donation options, keep them engaged with a projects newsfeed, and let them know what impact their money is having.

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